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Mar 25, 2024

Melissa & Olivia keep getting asked: what is it like to go from poetry to fiction. They talk about it! Also, listeners share a story about their end-of-times pastor grandpa and also ask: is it possible to escape writing commercial and institutional poetry? Only on patreon :) 

Mar 18, 2024

We talk through a few listener emails about surviving your mid-twenties, surviving with a UTI on Survivor, and surviving a boss who keeps showing up to work with hickeys. After that, we talk about being hungry. Writing about food, eating while writing, forgetting to eat because we are writing, soylent (????), and...

Mar 12, 2024

head over to to listen to the full episode! we got to sit down in real life with one of our closest friends & favorite writers, hieu minh nguyen. together, we got nostalgic about our wild (we were so corny) days of competing in poetry slam and how the artform influenced our professional...

Mar 4, 2024

back with another HOME RUN. this week, the gal pals chat about their favorite high-brow television show, love is blind, as well as the infinite ways Point of View can change a story. if this were a dissertation, they would make clearer how these two themes are related, but you get it. right?